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Everything makes a difference to a sound system.

Every cable, placement of the cable, connector, isolator, fuse, mains supply, material, room, and many other things, all have a profound effect on the sound quality of your sound system.

With many years of experience, experimenting and empirically researching, we believe that we can help you build a satisfyingly musical sound system.

We offer a select number of audio brands that we believe are world class and offer very good value for money considering the quality of their performance. Boenicke speakers, skilfully handcrafted in Switzerland by Sven Boenicke who makes his own recordings as a reference. They sound so right, open and natural. There is great attention to detail in selecting component quality and crossover design. The enclosures are CNC machined from solid timber and employ a unique swing base isolation design.

With Mola Mola, there is no need for large, heavy, over heating and high energy consumptive class A designs. Mola Mola brings you world class performance in a compact, modern design. Sound quality to rival or exceed other makes costing considerably more. Bruno Putzeys is responsible for the design, one of the most respected electronic designers of our time.

Our other brands are outstanding in their own areas: fidata servers, Lumin streamers, HiDiamond cables, Bybee and SteinMusic tuning devices.

We are also producing our own toetapaudio products. These initially will be custom made audio furniture, made from solid maple and featuring a unique silk thread suspended isolation system, a cable isolator and speaker bullets.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements so we can arrange for a demonstration in our listening room and/or in your home.

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